Why PrefabHO? – Prefabricated house

  • Egle Rupslaukiene by Egle Rupslaukiene
  • 3 years ago
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The name of PrefabHo comes from different meaning of home or house. So long meaning will be prefabricated home or house. Also it was  inspired by the recent rise of the tiny house movement or “tiny house movement” around the world. It is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in tiny houses. There are different definitions of “tiny house”. in 2018 In the International Residential Code, a Small House is defined as a residential unit with a floor area of no more than 37 square meters.
There are many reasons for living in a tiny house. Many people in this lifestyle rethink what they value in life and decide to put more effort into strengthening their communities, healing the environment, spending time with family, or saving money.

According to the laws of Lithuania, uncomplicated structures are up to 50-80 square meters. That’s why we define a small house on our portal as houses up to 80 square meters.

We also thought about what people would need to have such houses. What additional needs will a person with a small cabin have, thus additional categories such as sauna cabins and other structures were born.

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