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  • Egle Rupslaukiene by Egle Rupslaukiene
  • 8 years ago
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Remote work from home. How does it affect us? Do we all have a quiet corner where we can concentrate and do important work?

For most people, this is a completely new experience during the Covid-19 crisis. Some like the new experience, others don’t.

We offer the idea of a home office in the yard, garden, forest or wherever you can think of.

Siūlome pasižiūrėti į mūsų ofiso namelių kategoriją. Joje rasite būtent tokius namelius, kuriuose galėsite darbuotis ramiai.

Įsigykite ofiso namelį šiandieną ir ramiai darbuokitės iš namų jau už savaitės!

We suggest you take a look at our category of office cabins. Here you will find exactly such cabins where you can work in peace.

Buy an office cabin today and work from home in peace within a week!

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