SIP cabin KIT series Trapezium – 14 m² to 80 m²

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Do you have a small plot of land where you would like to have a holiday home, but you don’t want to engage in long, complicated construction? We offer to purchase a 14 m² SIP panel house TRAPECIJA. The cabin is heated, so you can spend time in it even in the cold season.

We deliver to any place in Europe.

Preparation up to 2 months.

Construction duration – up to 5-7 days.

We can produce different measurements:

  • 14 m2
  • 22 m2
  • 30 m2
  • 50 m2
  • 80 m2
Technical characteristics:
Namo size (m²) 14 22 30 50
plot (m) 2,5 4 5 5
Length (m) 6 6 6 10
Height (m) 2,8 2,8 2,8 2,8
Roof thickness (cm) 15 15 15 15
Wall thickness (cm) 10 10 10 10
Floor thickness (cm) 10 10 10 10
Heat class (close) B B B B

Trapezoid series SIP house price

A set of SIP cabin panels
Namo size (m²) 14 22 30 50
SIP panel set (walls + roof)
The SIP panel set includes:
– SIP panels for walls (124 mm)
– SIP panels for the roof (174 mm)
– Cutting, milling, and full preparation for installation of SIP panels
– Structural wood for walls and roof
– Fasteners
Mounting 2 days 2 days 2 days 4 days
Price (Euro) 5222 5620 7030 9440
Prices are without 21% VAT        

The SIP house KIT price includes:

  • A detailed plan and a package of elevation drawings that you can use for finishing if you buy only the house structure from us
  • SIP panels for walls, roof
  • Window and door openings are pre-cut and structurally framed with wood
  • Installation kit for SIP panels with all necessary elements included (screws, glue, and sealants)

Construction progress of the SIP house:


Our professional team can ensure the accurate and efficient installation of SIP panels. We will install the panels for free throughout Lithuania. We can install the house outside of Lithuania, but additional costs will be added to the above prices (expenses for travel and accommodation of the builders).


A strong building needs a strong foundation. Our starter package does not include foundations, so you can make your own or order from us. If you are doing the foundation yourself, then the foundation must be installed before we arrive on site. We recommend using one of two types of foundations: screw or pole:
– Screw foundations. Galvanized screws are precisely driven into the ground. The base of the wood structures is installed on the screws, creating a strong and smooth platform on which the entire floor and wall framework is later built. From an environmental perspective, the use of screws significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to a traditional concrete base.
– Pole foundations with grating. The truss is a foundation beam that connects the poles and evenly distributes the building loads transmitted to them. It can usually be assembled from HAUS P6-20 formwork blocks. The height and width of the grid are selected based on the operating loads, wall construction, plinth height, etc. Formwork blocks are placed on leveled soil and polystyrene foam. Cutouts are formed in the tangles of blocks for the installation of reinforcement. After the HAUS formwork blocks and reinforcement rods have been installed, the grating is monolithic with concrete.
After informing us about the type of foundation you have chosen, we will send you a detailed drawing of the floor.

Sip floor

SIP floors are easier and faster to install and do not undergo any standard concreting processes. Like the concrete settings, where you have to wait months to continue work and lay floors. Also, the concrete needs proper leveling, ensuring that the expansion of the concrete will not damage the building structures, etc. Therefore, we offer a quick and perhaps the best option SIP floor. Warm, quickly installed and durable when the SIP floor becomes an integral part of the entire building structure. This is because SIP floors significantly increase the structural connection and integrity of the building. In turn, another very important detail is energy efficiency, when the entire building is made of SIP panels, the building consumes less heating. This significantly increases the energy efficiency of the building. And of course, this means:

House decoration

If you want one contractor to oversee all of your construction projects, we can build your home from foundation to full finish. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or have your own builder, we will be happy to do just the SIP construction, all other work can be completed to your desired style.

Windows and doors

All of our window and door openings are pre-cut and structurally framed. This makes it easy to install windows and doors of your choice. The construction kit comes with the left side window, but if you want, we can install the window in another place. Provide such information on the order form. It will not cost you extra.

The roof

Bituminous shingles
Bituminous shingles are mechanically fixed bituminous sheet waterproofing coating for pitched roofs, produced in accordance with EN 544 requirements. The coating is produced by coating the fiberglass base (reinforcement) on both sides with oxidized bitumen, mixed with a bitumen layer of mineral filler. The upper surface is covered with fine-grained mineral basalt sprinkles, the lower – with film and sand. The material does not contain substances dangerous to humans and animals.

Welded roof coating

One of the most innovative solutions. It is also a great choice for flat roofs. The coating is produced by coating the glass fiber base (reinforcement) on both sides with modified polymer APP (atactic polypropylene), mixed with a bitumen layer of mineral filler. The upper surface of the coating is covered with fine-grained mineral sprinkles or a polyethylene film, and the lower surface of the coating is covered with a thin polyethylene film. The material does not contain substances dangerous to humans and animals. The service life of the roof covering is more than 15-20 years. This is one of the most popular solutions for installing and repairing flat roofs.

Marriage permits

Building permits are not required for such buildings. It is necessary to maintain a distance of 3 m from the boundary of the plot. If there is a neighbor’s consent, then keeping the distance is optional. If it is not bordered by a neighbor, then the distance is also optional.

A building permit is mandatory if the plot of land is located in at least one of the following areas: cultural heritage site, cultural heritage site protection zone, cultural heritage site, resorts, Curonian Spit, European ecological network “Natura 2000” territory (if construction is not in the homestead – a building outside the homestead, when constructing communications, building flat-bottomed grain storage towers, silage and hay trenches, wind power plants), in the class territories of the main gas pipeline area, located at a distance of 200 meters on both sides of the axis of the main gas pipeline.
You can check at the building inspectorate:

Below is the build process

1. Foundations

We recommend using screw piles for foundation installation. According to the selected option, foundation contracting works are performed. They last about 1 day.


2. A set of wall, floor and roof structures

House construction works are performed according to the selected option. They last about 1 day.

3. Finishing

The exterior decoration is done according to the chosen option. It lasts about 1-5 days.

Interior decoration can be done in parallel. 



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  • ID: TH17763
  • Price: 5 222 €
  • Size: 14 m²
  • Type: SIP Panel houses
  • Status: KIT


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