Plastic tub with internal water heater Oval 1.10×1.60cm

  • Kaina 1 700 €
Plastic tub with internal water heater Oval 1.10×1.60cm
  • Kaina 1 700 €


ID: TH18163
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Plastic bathtubs made of special certified plastic – polypropylene, do not require as much maintenance as those made of wood. Our plastic tubs are made of 5 mm polypropylene (some parts from 8 mm), which is extremely durable, frost-resistant, easy to clean, non-hazardous, hygienic, can be used in contact with food products and drinking water. PP with UV protection, weather resistant.

Because the exterior is made of wood, the tubs look just as beautiful as wooden ones, but are more hygienic and practical!

Plastic tubs don’t need to be constantly filled with water because they don’t dry out like wooden tubs do, so feel free to drain the water. Plastic tubs are cleaned with normal bath or pool cleaning products.

In the hot tubs, we use our own heaters, which we make from either stainless steel (corrosion-resistant, the better type) or marine aluminum (seawater resistant). Using safe heaters and according to the USER MANUAL, they will heat your water for more than 2 years. We have customers who are happy with our product for more than 10 years!!!

  1. Polypropylene plastic fireplace: internal size 110x160cm / internal depth 105cm;
  2. Wooden parts – spruce:
  • outer wall,
  • the nice round wooden border on top,
  • two step steps,
  • inner fence with a shelf (protection against burns),
  • tub cover;
  1. Inside, the benches are wooden or plastic;
  2. 2 stainless steel mounting straps (adjustable);
  3. Powerful internal heater (stainless steel thickness 1.5 mm, type: 304) with bell and cap;
  4. Bottom water outlet;
  5. Ash shovel and wooden paddle.

A hot tub is a form of hydrotherapy used for relaxation or physical therapy. It is a large tub filled with hot water, often with different types of jets added.

Hot tubs vary in shape and size, and most are suitable for outdoor use only.

There are several ways that can positively affect your health.

Taking a hot bath before bed can help insomniacs sleep more deeply. A hot bath will help reset your body’s thermostat, allowing your body to fall asleep naturally.
Hot tubs are great stress relievers because they can increase your body’s natural endorphins. They are also great for headaches, muscle tension and fatigue
Back pain is very common and can be alleviated with hot tub therapy. Hot tubs are especially effective for lower back pain and often provide better results than anti-inflammatory drugs.
Regular hot tub sessions can be a form of pain relief for arthritis sufferers. It is a safe and effective way to reduce the discomfort caused by arthritis.


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  • ID: TH18163
  • Price: Kaina 1 700 €
  • Size: 160 cm
  • Type: Tubs

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