Wooden dome 4 m in diameter (19 m2)

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Good Karma is a special method of connecting dome constructions when each part of the dome counterbalances the other part and a single extremely strong and innovative dome structure is formed. The dome structure is known as the most stable form. sleek form is not afraid of strong winds, snow, rains.


Diameter / Area / / Door height / Price 

4m, 13sq.m. 3400 Eur without VAT

5m, 19sq.m. 3650 Eur without VAT

6m, 27sq.m. 3950 Eur without VAT

7m, 35sq.m. 5000 Eur without VAT

8m, 47sq.m. 6200 Eur without VAT

9m, 60sq.m. 7650 Eur without VAT



1) 2 x 5 cm. planed, calibrated, impregnated, painted Pine or Spruce

2) 2.5 cm diameter galvanized metal pipe


1) 2 x 5 cm. planed, calibrated, impregnated, painted Pine or Spruce

2) Yacht awning 500 microns thick


a) Yacht awning 500 microns thick (Most popular and recommended)

b) Thermal membrane (intended to operate the dome all year round)

c) Glass (3 times more expensive option than yacht awning)


  • Durable construction due to an oval shape
  • The sleek shape reduces wind resistance
  • Even the distribution of hot and cold air inside
  • Even internal temperature
  • Efficient use of sunlight due to the large surface area
  • Good interior acoustics
  • UV resistant
  • Withstands heat of 200 degrees Celsius and cold of 80 degrees


  • The dome can be moved, but it is not recommended
  • The inside and outside of the dome awning can be cleaned with water, no special chemicals are needed
  • It is recommended to repaint, impregnate, and revarnish the dome frame after 9 years
  • The dome can stand outdoors during the winter as well
  • Various heating devices can be installed in the dome: boiler (solid fuel), air-air
  • The dome cannot be disassembled and reassembled, as the tightening points will lose strength


  • The production period is 2 months from the order
  • Price without assembly: Tent 1200 Eur, Wooden frame from 330 Eur (4 m diameter)
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Installation instructions are included with the purchase of blanks
  • Additionally: The window with mechanism of EUR 45; the Ventilation hole is 25 Eur
  • 1 window or 2 vents are recommended

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  • ID: TH17942
  • Price: 3 000 €
  • Size: 19 m2
  • Type: Domes
  • Status: KIT

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