Authentic Cabin – TH 6.7 – Turn Key Solution

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ID: TH17788
  • Authentic cabins
  • Type
  • 15,4
  • m2


We present a premium-class authentic series of cabins, which consists of different sizes. The series consists of:

  • TH Cabin – 10 m2
  • TH Cabin – 15,4 m2
  • TH Cabin – 19.8 m2

Premium-class authentic cabins are made by hand according to ancient traditions from real wood. The series of these houses stands out for its original design and reliability. The main material used is shingles. Shingles are also called shingles, wooden shingles have a long history dating back several centuries and are still valued and used for their special properties: durability, environmental friendliness, unique appearance, and reliable protection of the building against any negative effects of the atmosphere. Thanks to its main advantage – the ability to “breathe”, condensation does not form under such a coating. Such a coating does not make noise during rain, strong wind, or hail, and most importantly, it is the embodiment of the connection between man and nature and harmony with the surrounding natural landscape.
In ancient times, when there were no nails yet, shingles – shingles were simply placed in rows on the roof and fastened with wooden pegs. Sometimes they pressed stones.
It is safe to say that the shingle covering will last for 100 years or more.

These houses have a strong frame construction so you can move them as many times as you want. Also, since these homes are manufactured in a factory, their status is chattel. Such a cabin can be built in nature reserves, protected areas, etc. Construction regulations do not apply to such houses. You just need to keep your distance.

With its highly efficient thermal insulation and state-of-the-art heaters, the house quickly heats up to the temperature you set. High-quality windows and doors with triple glazing ensure a high level of comfort and additional sound insulation. Using a home remote control system will significantly reduce your heating costs.

Elf House – Practical housing, which has everything you need for independent living: bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower.

Basic data:

  • for two people
  • length 2.3 m
  • length6.7 m
  • aukštis 2,5
  • svoris 2150 kg
  • showers
  • diameter 15.41 m2

Zero complete set Price: €12,900+VAT

The Zero package includes:

External decoration – aspen chipboards, impregnated with Tikkurilla, laid in four layers. Their surface is made of waterproof 9mm plywood;
Sturdy frame 42x97mm, made of spruce, treated with a fire-resistant compound. Connected by metal plates;
Insulation “Paroc Extra” 100 mm;
Safe electrical installation;
Sewage and water pipes;
Finnish sauna steam protection cover: thick reinforced paper on one side, foil on the other.
Floor: moisture-resistant 15 mm plywood.
Frame base 147 mm.
Paroc Extra insulation – 150 mm;
Bottom: laminated plywood 15 mm;
Window and door openings are prepared.

Standard equipment Price: €28,900 +VAT

The standard package includes:

The “Standard” set includes:
“Extra” class wall, ceiling, and partition decoration with aspen wood;
Electrical panel with built-in remote control and fuse box. IP67 sockets and switches – for wet rooms;
Wall and ceiling lighting – protected from overheating and moisture. LED lamps;
Electric heaters with automatic regulation;
Fully equipped with plumbing fixtures, furniture including mattresses, built-in laundry drawers, clothes hangers, etc.
An 80-liter boiler is installed;
Bathroom with acrylic/steel shower tray 90×90 cm;
Ceramic stove;
WiFi router and external router antenna; Internet sockets;
Floor covering: vinyl laminate of increased resistance;
Solid pine doors and windows with reliable fittings and double glazing (triple glazing);


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  • ID: TH17788
  • Price: 29 900 28 900 €
  • Size: 15,4 m2
  • Type: Authentic cabins
  • Status: Mobile, prefab

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